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Lee and Kim Robbins are the founders and lead pastors of The Source Church, a newly launched, diverse body of believers committed to connecting, empowering, and inspiring people to know God, find His purpose for their lives, and move out into their passion for the Glory of God and the expansion of His Kingdom.


Their passion for building God’s House began early, faithfully volunteering in their local churches as young people(in Houston, TX for Lee, and in Lexington, KY for Kim). After serving for many years, Lee decided to further his education by attending Oral Roberts University.  About a year later, Kim arrived at ORU to follow the call of God on her life for full-time ministry. They met, married, and graduated,  both with their Masters in Divinity. Feeling the call to plant a diverse church in the Atlanta Metro area, they moved to ATL and began to start a family while planting a church.


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Apostle Lee Robbins

Lee Robbins, M.Div.



Apostle Lee is the Founder and Apostle of The Source Church. A graduate from Oral Roberts University, Pastor Lee and his wife founded The Source Church (Buford location) on Easter Sunday, 2014 with a passion for making disciples, making heaven their home, making an abundant life, and making no excuses, only adjustments!


Apostle Lee has an authentic love and compassion for people and continues to be relevant across cultures and generations, helping people live out their true potential.  He loves connecting, empowering, and inspiring people to succeed in the Kingdom. Apostle Lee has over 35 years of ministry experience and is a Life Coach for many outside his local church.  He lives in Buford with his wife and three children.


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Prophet Kim Robbins

Kim Robbins, M.Div.


Prophet Kim is Co-Founder, Executive Pastor, and Prophet of The Source Church. She is a graduate from Oral Roberts University and is founder of her own itinerant ministry, Kim Robbins Ministries, and speaks at various churches and conferences.  She has appeared on TV several times and has been in some form of ministry for 23 years. She is also an author and blogger.


Kim Robbins faces every challenge with the uncompromised Word of God! Her ministry vision is to teach Believers how to Manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth!  Her desire is to inspire people to first understand how God's Kingdom should operate here and then to manifest it in their own lives.  Through revelatory, dynamic, and practical teaching (with a side of humor), Prophet Kim brings a refreshing approach to those who need a Word from God.

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