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pronounced (G - Force)

We believe the Church is not the building, it's the people in it who come together to make a difference. We know that God is moving through His Church (the Body of Christ), and He does that through each local church.  We want you to be a part of what God is doing here at The Source Church. There are several ways you can get involved here at The Source.  You can join a Team, join a Group, invite a friend, and/or Give to help expand the Kingdom of God and show others His love.  Use the "G-4s" (G-force) to navigate through each area of opportunity of involvement here at The Source Church.


Our church exists to give people an encounter with a living, loving God and to invite them to experience the life-changing message of Jesus.


God is a giving God and we believe it's a privilege to give back to God what He has so freely given to us. We express our generosity and celebrate the work God does through giving consistently and sacrificially.


God has given each of us unique gifts and skills. We provide you with opportunities to use your talents to serve God’s vision by volunteering through the local church.


Participating in a small group is one of the best ways to build community and encourage spiritual growth at The Source Church. Through our Source Groups, you can connect with others as you grow in your relationship with Christ.

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