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Our Vision


Connect People to The Source (i.e. God) . . . Empower People by The Source . . . Inspire People for The Source!

OR, as you might hear us say another way . . . 

love up!   love in!   love out!

CONNECTING people to The Source of Life
(Love UP)


We see believers everywhere connected (to God-inspired goals, dreams, & visions); and living more path-driven (purpose, potential, and passion-driven) lives in order to be "plugged-in" to their local church and mobilized into community service for the advancement of the Kingdom.

EMPOWERING them into His purposes
(Love IN)


Our desire is to help people find their purpose; empowering them to maximize their potential, minimize their time, energize their passion, & mobilize them into their ministry and/or business, in order to fulfill their God-given Kingdom Destiny.

INSPIRING them into their passion
(Love OUT)


We want to inspire people to Discover the Source of Life and do the work of the ministry, all to the glory of God. We are to release believers into their God-given potential for the advancement of God's Kingdom.

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